Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Six by Six Portfolio

Small prints by members of Expressions Graphics 

This portfolio of selected handmade prints was created by members of Expressions Graphics to raise funds to help support our community outreach projects.

Each year artists from Expressions Graphics reach into the local community to share the art and craft of printmaking with non-traditional groups who may not have access or funding for these types of programs. This show with the United Cerebral Palsy group was done totally by the volunteers at Expressions Graphics.

"Clowning Around". Print by Janet Schill.

By purchasing these prints you will contribute directly towards the cost of materials and supplies as well as the artist’s time to work with various groups in the Oak Park area. The cost of an individual print is $30. A complete portfolio of 8 prints is available for $200. The prints are composed of many different processes, including linocut, woodblock, screen-printing, etching and more. The artists in the portfolio are: Carlos Barberena, David Coulter, Carol Friedle, Lea Friesen, Beverly Keys, Jill Kramer, Laura Myntti and Janet Schill.

Your art purchase today will go even further as funds raised in this effort will applied towards obtaining additional matching grants. Expressions Graphics is a not for profit fine arts printmaking group located in Oak Park, Illinois.

If you are interested in buying a print or a complete portfolio please contact either Expressions Graphics at 708-386-3552, or Janet Schill at 708-447-9262, or email a


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Nice work on the blog, Carlos!